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Bedouin life

The habits, characteristics, and customs of the Bedouins of Sinai have been derived from their surrounding environment and from their severe living conditions.  Courage and generosity are among the most common features of the Bedouins who live in Sinai.



The Bedouins have always been famous for tracing. Some of the Sheikhs living in Sinai can easily trace the vestiges of any person or even a camel. They can tell who walked in a certain route and if he was holding something or not.

The engagement

The marriage customs of the Bedouin of Sinai is similar to any other desert tribes. They only have one particular habit that they have to do when a young man goes and asks to marry a girl from the same tribe.

The generosity of the Bedouins of Sinai

The Bedouins of Sinai, the same as any other desert community in Egypt, are famous for their generosity. These Bedouins are so open-handed to the extent that they compete concerning how generous each of them are to the new guest.

The Bedouin Women

Many women everywhere have the same hopes and dreams. To marry a good man, live in a nice house and go on to have beautiful children.
But there is much mystery surrounding the life of Bedouin women as they are rarely seen in public. With a deep-rooted history of honour and tradition, most are required to stay within the home, take care of the house and look after their family..

The Bedouin Women clothes

Bedouin women cover their bodies with long traditional dresses called galabaya. These are usually brightly coloured and patterned. They also cover their hair (and sometimes their face) with a headscarf.

The Bedouins Crafts