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Water Activities


in usual, it happens in Dahab, Tiran Island  or the Blue Lagoon

A fantastic boat trip to Tiran Island and the Blue Lagoon for snorkeling, lunch and to see the famous shipwreck. Who knows, you may even see some of the local dolphins who regularly swim alongside the boats! 

Discover the vibrant underwater world or relax on the beach at the Blue Hole

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Experience a fantastic day at sea from Sharm El Sheikh on diving tour, including an introductory dive for amateur divers, lunch at sea and snorkeling at  different beauty spots

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Get a bird’s eye view, go in a wild adventure and rise high above the sea with the most experienced para-sail operators in sharm el sheikh, you don’t have to have a special skill to enjoy Parasailing, just bring your fun attitude and we will take it from.

Glass Boat

cruise from Naama Bay to the Near and Far Garden, passing over the top of the breathtakingly beautiful coral reefs of the Red Sea. Enjoy the views from the glass bottom boat as you see the underwater marine world without getting wet. Your English speaking guide will be on hand providing commentary explanation and  answer any questions you may have.

Sailing cruise

Look through a pirate’s eyes aboard our amazing  Premier Boat, get the chance to experience something very unique and very luxurious, Whether you’re sailing to Tiran Island or Ras Mohamed it sure will be a different experience and a special Memory.

Desert Hiking

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