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Desert Activities

make for an unforgettable trip with a mysterious wilderness in Sinai’s desert  can make for the ultimate playground.

Quad Biking in Sharm Desert :

By far one of our most fun excursions! – Choose between discovering the beauty of the desert at Sunset or at Sunrise as you zoom across the yellow sand. 

Ride on the quad over the desert sand, through the mountains, and into the sunset. Pause to relax and drink tea with the Bedouins. Try tea with habak, a herb that grows and thrives in the desert soil. Finally, return to your hotel or cruise ship in Sharm El Sheikh.

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Get an Eagle’s eye view  & soar with desert birds, Para-glide High above the Sinai Desert and let the desert wind guide your way with this unique Adventure, Exclusively With Sharmers Excursions, another special entertainment led by our innovative team .

Bedouin Night

Enjoy a wonderful evening fully packed with lots of unique activities, bake some Bedouin bread, climb the hills to watch the magical sunset, enjoy a special open buffet dinner, watch a spectacular fire show, Belly dance with the group, take unforgettable pictures of the moon  from the telescope and get some valuable trips & information about our galaxy with our astronomer, we invite you to experience a once in a life time Desert adventure in the heart of the Sinai desert surrounded by nature and the very welcoming Bedouin tribes !!

Sand boarding

Head out on full day safari from Dahab to feel the taste of the beauty of the desert of Sinai with its sand dunes and mountains. Walk through the canyon, visit Safra sand dunes, have a lunch in the desert with refreshing Bedouin tea and much more.

Sand Buggies with Sharmers

Get wild, enjoy the breath of a summer heat, and sail in the desert by a guided  sand buggy adventure for 2 hours, what could be better way of exploring and navigating the sinai desert and have tea in a Bedouin tent and experience the desert life.

Tanoura Show

Enjoy amazing Arabian Night Life, Pharaonic Sound & Light Show (One Thousand and One Nights Show) . Also visit place where you can find out more about the life of Pharaohs and Bedouins.

Star Gazing: 

Journey to a Bedouin tent by camel and watch the sun set across the desert sands. Experience an authentic Bedouin dinner and watch a show put on just for you. Finish the day by stargazing at into the mysterious nights sky over the desert.

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