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Diving Sites

Ras Ghamila

Ras Gamila (“Delightful Cape” in Arabic) separates a vast and rather shallow sandy lagoon from the sea. It is an interesting place for a fine drift dive that is not too difficult. It is perfect at 12m-15m gliding you northwards over many large colonies of Porites coral, splendid Acropora corals (table corals) and beautiful Gorgonian Sea Fans. It is an ideal place to look out for Feathertail stingrays, Barracuda and Grouper.


Ras Nasrani

This site can be accessed by four wheel drive vehicle as well as boats. The reef drops from the shallow bays to a wall down to 60m+ with many caves and overhangs. The best diving is among the big coral heads (or ergs) in the shallow areas. A good spot for Spanish dancers and coneshells in the sandy gullies.

Ras Bob

This site was named as a tribute to an underwater cameraman Bob Johnson who worked in the area for many years. It is sheltered from the waves and wind and usually has weak currents. You can make this dive as a drift or as a mooring. There are many small bays with light coloured sandy floors in which you will see numerous small caves and gullies in shallow water (3-6m). It is a great opportunity to spot Bluespotted stingrays, Crocodile fish and there is nearly always a big Napoleon fish looking up at you. This site is perfect for snorkellers.

Sharks Bay

Contrary to what you might expect, Sharks Bay is not frequented by sharks. This is a shore entry dive which is suitable for many levels of dive training and perfect for night dives. It is often visited by Octopus, Spanish dancers, Stonefish and brightly coloured Cuttleffish. We have also experienced unique sightings such as Seamoths and Ornate Ghost Pipefish.

White Knight

The reef wall drops away to a sandy plateau at about 13m, at the center is a gully with swim throughs at 10m and 35m. There is an eel garden to the north. This sheltered site is home for trigger fish, groupers and the occasional manta.

The Gardens

Really three “gardens” near, middle and far. The most seaward of the gardens (far), is a colourful fringing reef with a slope to 25m and dotted with small “ergs” At the top of the drop off there is a few pinnacles frequently visited by pelagics. Glass fish caves are in the reef wall at 12m. “Near” garden is just a few minutes from Naama Bay and is a great spot for a night dive with a sandy ledge sloping away to 25m. Look out for flashlight fish at night and napoleons, blue spotted stingrays and the odd grey reef shark in daylight hours.


Tower is a spectacular dive site characterised by a deep canyon whose walls descend vertically for over 120m. It is a lovely drift dive with a strikingly beautiful underwater landscape. It is rich in reef fauna with many Parrotfish, Moray Eels, marauding Trevallies and look carefully for the Cube boxfish.


This site is immediately northeast of the much better known and more popular Tower. This is a very easy drift dive that allows you to observe many species of coral, both hard and soft and a wide range of reef fauna. From March to the end of June it is a great hangout for passing Manta and the occasional White Tip Reef Shark.


The name of this site derives from 17th century shipwreck of a Turkish vessel with a cargo of amphoras containing mercury. Amphoras lies southwest of Tower and is generally dived in the afternoon as a drift. The topography is quite simple, a sandy slope that begins at 12m that has many coral pinnacles to explore for small pipefish, nudibranch and scorpionfish hiding amongst the nooks and crannies. Although there are not many, the remains of the Turkish vessel cargo are always fascinating. The most interesting part lies between 18m and 25m.


Northern side of Ras Umm Sidd wall, fully decorated ergs rise from a gentle slope, home to schools of glass fish against a colourful background of soft corals.

Ras Umm Sid

The south side of the headland offers a superb gorgonian forest on the drop off. The plateau is bursting with life and swarms of reef fish. The possibility of spotting whale shark or manta exists at the corner.


At the center of the Ras Umm Sid bay a huge coral pillar extends skywards, the reef wall drops to 15m. There are lots of pinnacles which are well worth exploring, this is a good spot to see octopus. The rest of the site is featureless and it is easy to get lost so don’t forget your compass. Look out for Spanish Dancers, free swimming Moray Eels and other incredible life on a night dive here.