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DAHAB is a small Bedouin town, located approximately 100km to the north of Sharm el-Sheikh’s luxurious tourist resorts. Dahab, which means “Gold” in Arabic, is named for the town’s beautiful beaches, and the atmosphere here is relaxed and peaceful.

Popular with backpackers because of its affordable prices, the area also boasts some unique diving sites, making it a tranquil paradise for peace loving souls to relax and explore.

Explore Dahab

Millions of years ago, Sinai was covered by the sea, and nowhere has the ancient ocean left a more brilliant legacy upon the landscape than at the Colored Canyon, near Nuweiba.

A visit to the canyon provides instant recognition of where it gets its name. The walls of the canyon, which reach up to sixteen stories, are easily the most colorful and intriguing rock formations in all of Sinai. They were created by the erosion of water upon sandstone and limestone. In some places the deep coloration of rocks gives the canyon walls a prismatic and metallic sheen; in others, the stone is so smooth that it appears soft and billowy.The canyon mouth is accessible by car, and its short length (about 700 meters) makes for perfect hiking. As one ventures into the canyon, the walls narrow in width to just a few feet in some places, giving the channel a close and secretive atmosphere. The canyon is most commonly compared to the Jordanian city of Petra, although here the spectacle is completely natural

Colored canyons

Visiting Colored Canyon

This is marvelous place surrounded by red mountains and transparent lagoons which you can never find all over the world

Anyone visits Ras Mohamed will think it’s part from heaven because it’s exceptional environment and unrivaled spot

The protected area of Ras Mohamed is located in the last point in the south of Sinai 12 kilometers away from Sharm El Sheikh, 70 kilometers away from the city of Tor Sinai, and 446 kilometers away from Cairo.

Ras Mohamed is 480 kilometers in size with 135 kilometers of land and 345 kilometers of water. This besides the size of the two islands: Tiran and Sanafir which is 370 kilometers with 100 kilometers that consist of land and 270 kilometers that consist of water.

Ras Mohamed surrounded by the sand dunes which covers all over the place which makes you interested to go deeper into this adventure, You will see it once you step in Ras Mohamed, you will go for the first stop of your trip in front of the Suez shore, the beach that overlooks the Suez Gulf.

The Suez beach is full of Charming sea  and If you challenged yourself by diving there you will meet Many rare/Marvelous creatures such as sea turtle dolphins or even sharks 

And naturally amazing many kinds of coral reefs

The mangrove & Ras Mohamed > Mangrove rare plant which can be founded in limted areas only around the world ,

What is the different on this plant  ? the plant amazingly absorb salt out of the water and reflect it again on the leaves

As long you are in Ras Mohamed you have to go on a trip of the location of the great earthquake which pummel Egypt millions of years ago and was the main cause of this canal

Diving spots globally ranked worldwide, Tourists from all over the world visit Ras Mohamed every year to enjoy diving and snorkeling.   

Ras Mohamed has a quite dissimilar biological variety. It hosts a lot of species of birds like falcons, herons, storks, and a lot of mammals like foxes, hyenas, wild rabbits and mountain goats. This is besides a lot of sea creatures like dolphins, sharks, and sea turtles.

And we don’t to forget mentioning the ancient life ,, Ras Mohamed has a various of the most ancient fossils in the whole world that age from 75 thousand years to 20 million years! Yes this figure is true.

Ras Mohammed National Park

St Catherine Protectorate is a national park in the South of Sinai, with a total surface area of around 4300 km2. It has two categories: the core” area and a “cluster of satellites”. The “core” area is a geological features within the boundaries of Pre-Cambrian ring dike/dyke which was formed over 600 million years old. All glorious cultural and natural heritage sites, inter alia, Mount Sinai, Wadi Feiran watershed, and the Monastery of St. Catherine located within the core area that harbours numerous species.

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