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WHERE TO GO .. in Sharm Elsheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh has many Tripper Charming such as the Antique mart zone situated in the suburb of the city, differentiated with soft rates for soft rates, and the nomadic legacy village, which was founded in order to Maintain the Bedouin cultural patrimony. It includes 100 stores, open playhouse, pergolas and family venues. and Soho Square, which is accommodated with the state-of-the Sophisticated art ,entertainment & lighting technology such as the lighting of the world’s tourist squares and streets such as the Champs-Elysées in Paris and Oxford in London, which is a major tourist attraction. The city is also home to a diversity of tourist activities inclusive dolphin shows which are one of the most interesting tourist activities, as well as horse and camel riding, cycling, water skiing, diving, desert safaris, several water activities, Cruise, sand skiing, mild winds preferable by kite enthusiasts, as well as more than 200 hotels ,, resorts and Spa, as well as restaurants, cafes, amusement cities, trade markets, nightclubs Casinos.

Sharm El Maya

In this area you can find sandy beaches with few corals which are owned by some hotels, public beaches, restaurants & beach parties.

You can find as an example, terrazzian restaurant and beach that serve delicious food specially the seafood, beach parties also took place in terrazzina beach, Ibiza session beach

Some places in sharm el-maya area:-

  • El-khema beach and cafe

  • Sharm el-Sheikh sporting club

  • Terrazzina beach & restaurant

  • Ibiza session beach & restaurant

  • Tereqouse hotel

  • Iberotel palace hotel

  • City first hotel

  • Pick Albatros hotel which also consider one of the oldest hotels in Sharm Elsheikh and the first hotel in Hadaba area

Na’ama Bay

This speck is consider one of the most lovely beaches of the Red Sea. It integrates privileges of many tripper environments where you can watch coral reefs through the glass yacht that expose the Red Sea bottom and you can dive in many spots of the bay . If you are a mariner you can have fun with sailing or water skiing. Otherwise, You can entertain with the magic of the Egyptian desert in day or evening trips over safaris between the sand dunes in the huge mountainous desert that can be used for mountain climbing, horse riding and beauty. The beauty of nature is not the only advantage in Naama Bay. There is also a diversity  of nightclubs and nightclubs with Bedouin and Arab design, which is one of the important factors to attract the trippers around the world. In addition to the city’s newest amusement parks, dolphins, golf clubs, bowling and Snooker,, Do you want remarkable evening alone or with you partner? , just go to the Roman theater, where you can enjoy with the one of the best performances for the most famous international teams.

The main pretty spot in Sharm El Sheikh are situated in the Naama Bay. What is “Naama” Means ? “Naama” in the Hebrew Language means the “Delightful” And this is the best ‎ characterization to give to Naama Bay as it is a wonderfully enjoyable venue to be in. ‎

A large number of the finest hotels, shops, discos, restaurants, cafes, diving centers, ‎and resorts are situated in and around the Naama Bay in Sharm El Sheikh.

So The first established portion of Sharm El ‎Sheikh and the most Known area of the city is “Naama Bay”. ‎

Consider the chosen place to swim, do some shopping, and go for a amazing gathering at ‎night in Sharm El Sheikh is the famous Naama Bay,.

Also anyone can entertain another kind of trips located to area’s near to Sharm El Sheikh like ” the Monastery of Saint Catharine, the Blue Hall diving ‎spot near Dahab, the Ras Abu Galum Protected Area, the Colored Canyons, and the ‎Protected Area of Ras Mohamed” Organized by A lot of travel agencies

Nabq National Park

A beautifully plush area brimming with life right in the middle of the desert, the region of Nabq was announced as a protected spot in 1992, and has been made part of the Ras Mohamed National Park’s territory, offering miles and miles of shoreline and is home to some of the best backdrops in the world to ride. boasting a diverse animal and plant life. Here you can see Nubian ibexes, foxes and gazelles and other fascinating species.

A luxurious area makes life in the middle of the desert possible, Nabaq National Park is a part of Ras Mohamed protected area , Was proclaimed as a protected sport at 1992.

The Nabq Managed Resource Protected Area is a 600-square-kilometre (230 sq mi) area of mangroves, coral reefs, fertile dunes, birds and wildlife.


Nabq is easily reached from the larger resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. Only around 15 minutes from Sharm by car, this beautiful area offers a change of pace and scenery for those wishing to relax in tranquil surroundings.

Did you know?

Nabq contains the largest mangrove forest in Sinai. These plants are remarkable for the way they purify salt water using their root system.

The wreck of the Maria Schroeder, a vessel which sank on the coral reefs in 1965, is still plainly visible at Nabq, with much of the ship still above the water’s surface.

The portion beneath the sea has become a new habitat for a rich array of coral and other marine life.

Gharqana is a touristic area  30 km from the city of Sharm el-Sheikh within the Nabq Reserve in front of Tiran Island, north of the city.  And the advantages which you can enjoy like diving , Snorkeling seeubg coral reefs and rare colored fish around the world.The wreckage of the ship is still present in the area and tourist attraction for all the arrivals of Sharm el-Sheikh and they will be more happier if they saw it before they go back home,which made Gharqana a one of the famous spots in the city, Although he did not announce the full secrets of the sunken ship until now.


El Hadaba

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Hadaba is a quiet, sun soaked resort on the outskirts of Sharm el Sheikh. Hadaba’s wide range of hotels and holiday villas are situated in beautiful locations on the Ras Om Sid promontory. Staying at Hadaba, holiday residents are a five minute taxi or bus ride to Naama Bay, the bustling heart of beach and dive hot spot Sharm el Sheikh.

Shark Bay

Ras Nasrani

The award-winning amusement station of Sharm El Sheikh is existing in the heart of the Savoy Resort on White Knight Beach and is a magnet for all guests to Sharm to come and enjoy not only our elegant restaurants, bars and cafés with live performers and vocalists, However also the tennis, squash, ice skating, bowling and much, much more.

SOHO Square Sharm El-Sheikh is the Middle East’s latest shopping and entertainment center, and the finest in the Red Sea region.
At nigh SOHO Square transforms fantastic, a pivot of amusement , shopping, clubbing, dinning and sport activities.
Soho square isn’t just a stroll padded with shops, it has plentiful parts of public art, a dancing fountain, Shisha Island, fabulous statues, fountain bar, global restaurants, public playhouse and kids porch, all works for a great environment to entertain with friends or family.

SOHO Square

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Hollywood Sharm El Sheikh brings the Hollywood movie experience to the Sinai Peninsula. This dining and entertainment zone features an animatronic dinosaur park, 7D cinema, musical fountains and statues of international celebrities scattered throughout. Regular live entertainment might involve folk music, belly dancing or living singing, and every Friday evening, Hollywood hosts a pool and foam party with live DJs.

Hungry visitors have a few movie-themed restaurants to choose from, including Jaws Restaurant overlooking the dancing fountains and Titanic Restaurant, where the decor and the music were inspired by the Oscar-winning film. A collection of shops within the park sell goods with set prices, eliminating the hassle of bartering so common in Egypt.

Old Market

The old market of Sharm El Sheikh is located in Sharm El Maya and it hosts a number of hotels and numerous restaurants, cafes, and shops. The Old Market is the best place for Shopping for souvenirs and gifts to take back home.

Alf Lela W Lela

Al Mustafa Mosque

Al Sahaba Mosque

The Heavenly El-Samaeyeen Cathedral

The Ports area

In the ports area you can find an amazing view for the boats where you can make full day boat trip or safari to one of the two destinations Tiran island or Ras Mohamed Park by boat, the trip starts at 8:00 am when the boats move to their destination & make 3 stops during the trip, the first stop is called drift where the clients jump into the sea in groups with their guide either they were for diving or snorkeling and stay about one hour enjoying the amazing view for the pure sea life then the boats came back to collect the clients, the second stop is depend on the destination and in this stop the boat totally stop & the clients make their snorkeling or diving adventure then come back to the boat to enjoy their open buffet lunch, then the boats move to their last destination where they make the last stop for one more hour so that the guests could make their diving or snorkeling adventure and go back to the boat and back to the port at the end of the one day boat trip which ends normally at 4:00pm.

Dolphin Park

Dolphina is the only dolphinarium in South Sinai. Situated in Sharm el Sheikh this is a unique experience you will not want to miss!! Dolphins are very intelligent and are cared for by trained professionals and love to interact and entertain people with the tricks that they have learned. There are many experiences on offer at Dolphina to ensure your visit is as memorable and unique as you would like, you can watch the dolphin show, swim with dolphins, dance with them, even dive with them all while enjoying their playful nature. With all these experiences we capture them on photo or video so you can take your unique memories home with you!

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